Lynchburg REALTOR and runner Karl Miller is racing in the next Conquer the Wall marathon, which is held on May 13, 2017 and actually run on the Great Wall of China! He is doing this next personal ‘bucket list’ item to raise support (and awareness) for local non profit Freedom 4/24.

Imagine going to the office one day and instead of the usual stop by your desk and then visiting the coffee kiosk, you put on your running shoes, punch the time clock and then hit the door running…..all day long….up and down the steps of Monument Terrace! Does Monument Terrace compare to Conquer the Wall marathon? Click here to find the answer.

Karl will be running all 20,518 steps, up and down the Great Wall of China. He is hoping to raise $1 per step to help fight human trafficking.

 Are you a fact nerd and want to hack some quick & weird info about the Great Wall of China and the Conquer the Wall marathon? Ok, here ya go:

– did you know that the Great Wall of China isn’t one wall but many walls? 16 walls to be exact.

– another fact: the wall is over 21,000 kilometers in length!

-ok, the weird fact: can you guess as to the longevity of the wall? Nope, it’s not the brick or rock. It’s in the mortar….give up? the secret ingredient is, drum roll please, sticky rice!

(Karl Miller Team is also a proud sponsor for their Lynchburg 5K race being held on April 29th).

Human trafficking is a global epidemic and affects many more lives than you think and it has affected lives right here in Central Virginia. 148 cases have been reported this past year (2016) in the state of Virginia and the hotline has taken over 600 calls as well.


Local newspapers have written about this problem of human abuse, slavery and bullying, child abuse and sexual exploitation. Big city gangs have been involved in this sleazy business as well and of course, the drug trade has been used to propagate a number of human rights issues (read here).

 Richmond Times article: read here

News & Advance article: read here


1-888-373-78881-888-373-7888  or  TTY: 711

text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733)

Support Freedom 4/24 and their global Mission:

For victims and survivors of trafficking, just $24 a month can provide:

  •  1 week of education
  • 2 weeks of counseling
  • 3 weeks of housing
  • 4 weeks of food

Beyond this, $24 provides hope, freedom, and justice. Invest in the life of a trafficking survivor today!

To read more about The Great Wall of China: Conquer the Wall marathon race, check out our blog post with more information here.

If you can’t run the Conquer the Wall marathon, look to learn more about Freedom 4/24 by visiting their local office, supporting the victims through their entrepreneurial efforts or running in the local 5K on April 29th!

“Helping people get to where they want to go” is Karl’s mantra and he seeks to do that for both local community and international organizations. If you have a desire to take up running as a hobby or to become a serious distant runner, please give Karl a call. He would love to hear your goals, offer some tips and will be happy to tell you how he got into running and has made it a serious habit where he has maintained his health and made some wonderful friendships along the way.