3 Tips for Great Photos This Summer

Karl Miller
Published on June 24, 2019

3 Tips for Great Photos This Summer

As summer rolls around, you might find yourself ready to welcome the warm weather with a fun party for your friends and family. What better way to pass the time than with your loved ones underneath a bright blue sky? It’s also the perfect opportunity to take some truly breathtaking photos to help you remember your fun under the sun forever. Taking great pictures is more an art than it is an inherent ability, however, which means that you find you night a bit of practice. That’s okay – we have three tips to help you take fantastic images with your guests. Let’s take a look! 

1. Pick a Good Background

This tip might seem like an impractical one to pick up at first – after all, how many people have backdrops in their backyards? Luckily, that’s not precisely what we mean. Picking a good background can also be rephrased as “avoiding bad backgrounds”, and it might be a bit easier to understand that way. When you’re ready to take your photos, make sure you aren’t standing in front of bright lights, distracting activity, or less-than-pleasant areas. Avoid pictures where you’re standing in front of bright headlights, for example, as that draws the focus away from you and your loved ones. Similarly, stick to peaceful (even if momentarily) areas and clean spaces without trash in the background. 

2. Use Flash 

You might be under the impression that flash should only be used in particularly dim interiors, but that’s simply not the case. Think about the last time you took a picture outlined by the sunset. How well did your face show up? Many people will find that taking pictures in the sun can cast dark shadows over their faces. To help combat this without sacrificing a beautiful summer backdrop, use your flash. This will help illuminate your face even against the sun’s glare and give you focused, crisp pictures. 

3. Smile for the Closeup 

Closer is often better, especially when it comes to taking photos of people. Whether you’re opting for selfie or are trying to fit 10 different people in frame, opt for a shot that frames faces as opposed to full bodies. The closer shots will feel more personal and will create more vivid memories. The same is true when taking photos of your home, as an aside. You’ll want to ensure that you don’t fit half of the neighborhood into the frame. Fit exactly what you need to fit and zoom in to make features and details easily visible. 

Professional Photography

If you’re looking for help to take the best photos possible, especially as you get ready to list your home or post photos of your business, Property One Photography, LLC, is the answer. Michael Patch understands the art behind thoughtful composition, postproduction methods, and lifting techniques to ensure that everything looks picture-perfect. Don’t overlook the importance of hiring a skilled professional when the time comes to showcase your property. 

Enjoy the summer sun and take great photos with our tips! And when you’re ready to move on to even greener pastures, we can help ensure your home looks great and is marketed well. 


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