Design Trends: 2020

Karl Miller
Published on February 5, 2020

Design Trends: 2020

New year, new decade– what’s new in home design? Is greige on the way out? What’s the new neutral? Are we doing open plans or cozy nooks? Let’s take a look at some fresh things on their way in and some carryovers from the twenty-tens!

The Color of the Year announcements are rolling in and there’s barely a gray or greige on the list! Instead, a range of blues (including soft shades used as neutrals) and a sprinkling of pinks dominate the list, with a bold bid from Etsy for a gorgeous, eye-catching chartreuse! There seems to be a general trend away from the cool colors towards warmer undertones, including a particularly delicious earthy collection of almost-neutrals from Behr, called “Worldhood Palette” There are still some true neutrals on the lists, of course, but the general trend seems to be color, color, color– in 2020 even neutrals have some color. So do you now have a good excuse to re-paint the dining room or re-do your backsplash? You’re welcome!

As you house hunt or floor-plan this spring, you’ll notice that the “home office” is slowly fading away in favor of space-saving charging stations and creative ways of hiding or camouflaging electronics; converting dedicated office spaces into multi-use spaces. In addition, open floor plans are being traded away in favor of a cozy den or other closed-in space. In particular, designers are separating dining/kitchen and living spaces a bit more and carving away private spaces for relaxing away from the more public, formal areas of the home. Chip and Joanna might be disappointed that there are fewer walls getting knocked out to “open up this space”, but some of the rest of us are glad to be able to lounge in front of the tv behind a closed door…

Wallpaper is still trending, although the wallpaper of the 2020s is a whole different ball game than the over-sized, pastel flower baskets of the 80s. Textures and patterns join color as strong players, with everything from subtle plaids to bold florals seen in wallpaper, upholstery, and window treatments. Velvet is especially big, and its retro vibe is a perfect companion to the trend towards the antiques and architectural salvage pieces that are replacing the minimalist vibe of the 2010s.

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s certainly in kitchens that the trend towards more color is most obvious. The all-white kitchen is Out and color is In, in 2020. Even the ubiquitous white subway tile is slowly being replaced by more colorful and geometric choices. Homeowners are also realizing that the downside of open shelving is that it rarely looks as perfectly staged in real life as it does in the magazine articles, and are trading it back in for a more traditional door front that can be shut to hide the mess. And granite countertops are fading away as well, being replaced by quartz and in some cases, wood and other creative surfaces.
Whether you’re doing major remodeling, or simply splashing around a few new paint colors, the new decade of design is looking bright and beautiful!


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