DIY homemade grout cleaning recipes

Karl Miller
Karl Miller
Published on August 8, 2018

Back in January we wrote an article on 3 tips for cleaning grody grout that was well received. Unfortunately, grout doesn’t clean itself and if you could, you would probably get rid of it….except it does it’s job of holding the tiles in place and protects the connecting edges from water leaks (well, most of the time…) click here if you missed it

In looking for some cleaning ideas, we came across a nice website that has a full library of home cleaning tips that we wanted to pass on to you. We found a great DIY homemade grout cleaning recipes article that you might like as it has several different types or levels for the type of cleaning are looking to do in your home.


We shared this DIY homemade grout cleaning recipes on our Facebook page earlier if you want to read it there or you can click here to go to TipsBulletin page to read it along with a ton of other great ideas. We will definitely be checking TipsBulletin out again for some more information.

Hope you enjoy the DIY homemade grout cleaning recipes and look around for additional recipes while you are there. Then, get the gloves on and get back to that spring cleaning that you have been putting off…:)


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