DIY Tips To Maximize Home Value

Karl Miller
Published on March 2, 2021

DIY Tips To Maximize Home Value

Have you wondered what you can do around your home to maximize your home value? Whether you’re planning on selling your home this year, or you are looking to make upgrades that will continue to pay off years down the road, we have tips for you!

The average return at real for home improvement projects is 63.7% according to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs Value Report in 2020.

Tip #1: Deep Clean and Declutter

First impressions count when selling your home, but deep cleaning and decluttering also helps decrease your stress levels. This can be as simple as picking up personal items and storing them away, or going room by room to decide what is worth keeping, tossing or donating.
For deep cleaning you can wipe down counters, baseboards, windows, doors, and all areas inside and outside the house. This is hands down the cheapest and easiest way to keep your home looking it’s best! We love an easy way to add to your home value when getting ready to sell a home. We want to make sure we start with the cheapest updates first to save some money when you’re in the process of selling your home.

Tip #2: Paint the Interior

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way when it comes to first impressions. This can be time consuming to get the job done right, but paint is an easy way to change the feel of an entire room on a budget.
Make sure you properly clean and prep surfaces, tape edges and doorways, and apply a couple coats to make the paint look consistent. Stick to neutral colors when choosing your paint so it will appeal to a large number of people if you’re preparing your home for the market! A can of paint is around $40 but will add thousands to your home value, take a weekend to update large rooms, or rooms with eccentric colors and you’ll be amazed at how it will transform the space.

Tip #3: Spruce Up Your Yard

Any yard work that improves the curb appeal of your home will benefit you in the long term, AND you’ll be more inclined to spend time in the space if you give it more love. This is a great time to plant a vegetable. garden or replace old, dead plants with new plants that will thrive.
Easy things to do are edge the driveway, if gravel, rake in all loose stones in a straight line. Trim bushes and lay fresh mulch on existing beds. Pressure washing the sidewalks and cleaning any porch rails will go a long way in adding appeal to your home value.

Tip #4: Add Lighting

If you’re in the process of selling your home, opening window curtains, blinds and cleaning windows and skylights or anything that may be blocking natural light.
Professional photographers know lighting is the key to an amazing picture, and in the same way, lighting makes a great impression. Make sure any lights have bright bulbs, and update any eyesores with eye-catching fixtures or a modern ceiling fan. We love Amazon and Wayfair for affordable light fixtures! You can find ideas on Pinterest, and see how a simple lighting update can really add to your home value.

shadowfirearts / Pixabay

Tip #5: Refresh your Bathroom

Outdated and boring bathroom fixtures can really take away from the room’s style and feel. Giving your bathroom a quick refresh is a great DIY project to prep for selling your home. Upgrade fixtures, such as knobs and pulls, and check for leaky faucets or poor drainage.
You would be surprised at how easily door knobs and hinges can make a space feel, these updates can be done on a budget as well!

Tip #6: Refinish or Paint You Cabinets

If you’re looking to employ some extra time and skill, consider taking on the project of sanding and either staining or painting your kitchen cabinets. This is an easy way to completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen without a complete renovation, and still add to your home value.
Light and bright sells today. If you want to keep your original wood, consider cleaning extensively, and perhaps swapping the pulls to a modern look. If you have orange or red undertones in your cabinets that keep them dated, consider sanding and staining. This keeps the quality of the wood but with a modern touch that buyers will love.

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Tip #7: Replace Your Floors

Homebuyers prefer hard flooring options over wall-to-wall carpeting. While the idea of removing carpeting and refinishing wood floors can seem daunting. This DIY project can be done on a budget with the proper tools!
Know that wood floors, or even high-quality vinyl or tile floors, can deliver a significant return on investment and help sell your home faster and add to home value! Like paint, flooring almost always gives you a PLUS return on your investment – most times 2-4x!

Tip #8: Update Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is the part of the home that gets the greatest return when updated. While this is more expensive, kitchens sell homes! At the minimum make sure all appliances work properly and give them a REALLY good cleaning which will add to home value. Remove any pictures and magnets from the fridge to show off your clean work!

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Tip #9: Remove Popcorn Ceilings

This is a PROJECT, but flat finish ceilings prevent a home from feeling “dated”. If you have them and they need to be painted anyways, this is a project worth considering. It is dirty and time consuming BUT completely worth it on terms of appeal for buyers. If you’re not comfortable with this amount of work or some drywall mud feathering worth that may be required, you can consider hiring a pro!
Trust us, this is worth it!

We hope this helps if you’re looking for your home value, or you’re a home seller in Lynchburg VA. Your home value is important whether you’re selling a home now or in the future. Right now Lynchburg VA homes for sale are going quickly, so any DIY things you can do will only add to your home value.

We hope this is helpful, and if you’re looking to sell your home we would love to give you a FREE home valuation to assess what you would get if you list and help you with any updates you may need to make!


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