Getting lost in the Lynchburg home buying maze is like navigating a corn maze!

Karl Miller
Published on September 10, 2016

Getting lost in the Lynchburg home buying maze is like navigating a corn maze!

The Lynchburg home buying process is very much like a corn maze: you start down one path, only to find a dead end. You have to back up and go down another way and think you are making headway only to find the seemingly ‘right’ path leads to another dead end. Home loan mortgages are one of the big ‘mazes’ you have to negotiate through, home inspection is another. Just making sure you qualify for your dream home with the right criteria is another maze that can be as nerve racking as getting lost at dark and your flashlight just went out. Are we buying the right home, in the right neighborhood?

Here at Karl Miller Team, we have the tools, the know-how and the experience to guide you through any size corn maze (real estate home buying). We will handle the process, point you in the right direction and keep you informed, helping you navigate those final curves into home ownership. Call us today!

Meanwhile, go get lost in one of the best corn mazes around – Yoder’s Farm! They have a great set up to take friends and family or groups to their maze. You can also download their app and compete against each other! Check out their pumpkin patch while you are there and enjoy something from their store. If you have a big group, let ’em know you are coming. Check out the video below and click through to visit their website. We are hosting our Fall Customer appreciation party with Yoder’s again this year – it will be a lot of fun!

More info on Yoder’s Farm can be found by clicking here 



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