Right Sizing and Your Search for Your Next Home

Karl Miller
Published on March 26, 2019

Right Sizing and Your Search for Your Next Home

If you’re planning to buy a new home, one of the factors that may play an important part in your decision is the size of the house. You want to make certain the home you’re purchasing is going to have enough space for you now and for the foreseeable future. You don’t want to purchase a home only to realize in a few years that you have to have a bigger house. That’s where “right sizing” comes in. If you don’t find the right sized property, you’re not going to be happy in the long run.

The Three Types of Buyers

When it comes to size, there are three types of homebuyers. First, there are those who are up-sizing. They want to purchase a home that is larger than what they currently have. There are a few reasons for someone to want to up-size. Some have simply outgrown their house. They have too much stuff to fit into their current living space. Others may want to start a family or add to their family and need an additional bedroom or two. Another reason to upsize is to add on a home office or other workspace. Those who are starting their own business may need space to run it from home.

The second type of homebuyer is the down-sizer. These are typically older buyers whose adult children have left home. They have decided that they no longer need as much space as they have had in the past. Other down-sizers may have decided to live a more minimalist life or are even searching for a tiny house. No matter what the reason, they know they will be happy with less square footage.

Finally, there are those who are looking to make a lateral move. These buyers are happy with the current amount of space they have now, but they want to move to a different home for some reason. They know the amount of space they need and don’t want to greatly increase or decrease it.

When Should I Move?

Few people move on a whim. You need to truly look into your wants and needs before you take the plunge and decide to move. Buying a new house is a major financial event involving a lot of paperwork, time, and energy. 

That’s not to discourage you from moving. There are plenty of great reasons to make a move. Needing to increase or decrease your square footage is one of them. It doesn’t make sense to remain in a home that is simply too small for you, nor should you stay in a house that has significantly more space than you need. 

There are a number of other reasons why you may want to move. You might want to decrease your commute to work. You may want to enroll your children in a different school. In some cases, the home you’re living in may simply no longer meet your needs, whatever those needs may be. You might simply decide that you need a change. 

No matter what your reason or moving, the Karl Miller Team is here for you. We cultivate long-term relationships with all of our clients. Unlike some real estate agents, we don’t vanish after closing. We will be here to assist you for as long as you need us. For our team, it’s not just about a sale, it’s about our client. It’s about you.


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