Spring Home Decorating Ideas

Karl Miller
Published on April 22, 2020

Spring Home Decorating Ideas

Spring is here and the world is looking fresh and bright outside. How are things looking INside? While we are always happy to help with your house buying and selling needs, we don’t necessarily recommend that you buy a new house with every turn of the season… That might be a little extravagant! So instead, we’ve got some tips for you to make your house FEEL fresh and brand new for the Spring and Summer; without breaking the bank.

Soft Goods: The first budget-friendly way to freshen up a room and invite the season in can be found in the soft goods department: curtains, pillows, throws, and more. While you may not want to invest in professionally designed, custom drapes for every seasonal look, changing out your sheers, or grabbing a new valance can update your window view. Floral pillows tossed onto a neutral seating space can bring a breath of spring air inside. Or add a splash of color with an afghan draped across the back of a couch. A fresh, seasonal slipcover or throw rug can make an even larger impact, still within a reasonable budget. In your kitchen and bathrooms, hand towels and dishcloths can be changed out for bright spring and summer hues.

Decor: To avoid a “garage sale” vibe, be careful to choose pieces within an intentional color scheme: a single accent color, or varying shades within a color palette. Look for shadowed corners in your living or dining room to add a colorful vase or other container, tuck a floral tile under a lamp base, change out some wall art for beach landscapes, or set some large seashells or a piece of driftwood on a bedside table, or dresser.

Plant material: Flowers, ferns, ivy, or palms: living plants are a wonderful way to bring the warmer seasons into your home. While there are great, hard-to-kill options at every Lowes, if you have a black thumb and just can’t cope with live plant care; don’t worry! Mosses, faux greenery, and higher-end faux florals are still a beautiful option! Budding branches can be cut and brought inside for long-lasting, low maintenance options, as well.

Paint: And then, of course, there’s always a fresh coat of paint! Even if you’re not ready to update the look of an entire room, a new shade of paint on a small end table, flower pot, or lampshade can provide a quick color update. An accent wall is another low time-commitment way to bring seasonal colors into your decor. Or let your creative imagination run wild and add some colorful hues to a large canvas and hang it over your mantel.

So go nuts! Hit up Hobby Lobby and Target (and maybe Goodwill?), open the windows, and shake off the Winter Blues. And when you do actually need more than just a paint job or decor update, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Karl Miller Team. We’re here for you, whenever it’s time to make a bigger change.


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