Tips for Choosing a Home within a Desired School District

Karl Miller
Published on September 12, 2019

Tips for Choosing a Home within a Desired School District

Buying a home close to a top-notch school is a great way to give your children a bit of an advantage. It also increases property value and resale potential for parents while cutting down on transportation costs. With that said, purchasing a property in close proximity to great schools is generally expensive. This is because a good educational system tends to come packaged with other desirable neighborhood qualities like diverse shopping opportunities, steady employment opportunities, and recreational amenities.

If you have your heart set on buying within a specific school district, don’t fret – it can be done! You can find the home that works for you family and places your children exactly where you’d like them to be – you just need a little bit of help. In addition to speaking with a real estate professional familiar with the area in which you’re interested in moving, keep these tips in mind when looking at homes.

Create a Checklist and Research

Among the first things couples should do before looking for homes is to come up with a catalog of the qualities and values that are important to them in the education of their child. Schools are often considered to be children’s “second home”, after all, so, it is both understandable and important to set preferences to ensure that your children are able to develop their skills in a specific institution.

Also consider visiting school websites and reading local and parent reviews to find more extensive and personal information about the schools. Spend time reading downloadable calendars and newsletters to familiarize yourself with local news and events, to ensure that the school and the district are good fits for your family. In addition, it is also vital to look at the institution’s curricula, standardized test scores, student-to-teacher ratio, specialized programs, and awards or certifications.

Talk to Other Parents in the Neighborhood

While we believe that online research is helpful, hearing personal experiences from local parents can incredibly enlightening – more than a “virtual tour” ever could be. Make sure to spend time speaking to other parents in the neighborhood so they can provide you with an understanding of what the school in question has to offer. Likewise, we also advise everyone to ask local parents about after-school programs that could be beneficial for your kids. This may include tutorials or skill specific classes like arts and music or sports programs for kids and teens

Talk to a Local Real Estate Agent

Other than gathering opinions from locals, it is a good idea to talk to a seasoned real estate agent and learn more about the specific location. An experienced real estate professional comes equipped with a good understanding of which school districts are ideal for your children, especially if they have any specific needs that should be addressed. The right real estate agent will also have plenty of knowledge about market prices in the area and will help you navigate the complexities that come with purchasing a property close to schools.

Visit Schools

Perhaps the best thing you can do is to visit the schools in person to better assess the institution and the location. Consider doing this before closing on a home – just make sure to ask permission before visiting. Observe the school’s operation, their personnel, and the activities taking place there.

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