Why Millennials are moving to the Lynchburg area

Karl Miller
Published on October 23, 2019

Why Millennials are moving to the Lynchburg area

Millennials have become one of the largest
consumer markets in the world, and it’s no surprise that more and more places
are trying to predict their movement and values. One recent study conducted by
Reviews.org took at look at more than 250 metropolis areas to determine the
best spot for millennials. The area that topped the list was none other than
Lynchburg, Virginia! What makes the space such a great spot for millennials
looking to settle down and build a life and career? Let’s take a look.

1. Low Cost of Living

First and foremost, the cost of living in
Lynchburg is fantastic. It’s one of the lowest in the country, in fact, which
is definitely a factor for the population currently harboring the highest
amount of student loan debt in the world. It’s easier to buy or rent a home
when the area in question has a reasonable cost of living, and Lynchburg’s is
as much as 12% below the national average. That means that millennials can rest
easy knowing that not only are they living in a great area, but they’re also
going to be able to keep more of their pay while doing it.

2. Diverse Activities

Low cost of living alone wouldn’t be enough to
drive Lynchburg to the top of the list, of course. Its diverse activities help,
with robust hiking trails playing a big role in city’s ranking. Millennials, in
general, want to spend more time outside engaging with nature, so the numerous
options Lynchburg provides residents to do just that is a big draw. For
individuals looking for a lower monthly rental rate or a low mortgage as well
as interesting outdoor spaces in which to take part in a number of activities,
Lynchburg is a veritable paradise.

3. Low Unemployment

Lynchburg boasts a low unemployment rate, a
very attractive aspect for millennials seeking to find jobs in which they can
grow and develop. This is crucial, especially given the aforementioned student
loan debt that many millennials have to pay back. Moving to an area with a
demonstrable plethora of jobs is a “must” for them, and Lynchburg is perfect in
that respect.

4. Abundant Higher Education

Finally, Lynchburg is home to a variety of
higher education facilities. These include four colleges, a trade school, and a
community college along with the Academy Center of the Arts. This is
particularly attractive to millennials who would like to stay involved in

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